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Top English Schools In Ireland

Learning English in Ireland

They say when in Rome, do as the Romans do and in this case, when in Ireland you have to learn how to communicate in English. This should not be a hard task to achieve as Ireland has a vast number of schools that cater to learning the language.

This could be attributed to the increasing number of immigrants coming over as well as to the competitive courses offered by their higher learning institutions. These attract students on a global scale and quite a few of them may not be well versed enough in the language to immediately start off their studies.

Things to consider when selecting a school

In the quest to learn English in Ireland, a few things are up for consideration. Simply going for the first place you meet won’t do. Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a school or institution where you can learn English in Ireland:



This is one of the foremost primary things to look out for when selecting a place to learn English. The place shouldn’t be over-pricey for your budget nor should it seem too underpriced since that could be a testament to not expect some very much needed good guidance. Before signing up and paying for English classes anywhere, make sure it has a branch or is located in the specific region or town where you’re going to be so as to avoid any sort of inconveniences.



You should look for an institution that offers a rather flexible schedule or one that fits with the schedule you have for your other activities while in the country. A good reputation is something you must insist on when selecting a learning institution. In Ireland and generally all around the world, the Master Studies website offers great insight as to which institutions are the best and what to expect of them. Various other online resources can be helpful in selecting a place for your learning based on how past or current students in those institutions rate them.

Some of the top English Schools in Ireland

With the above considerations in mind, you can get to searching for a school that meets your needs perfectly. Here we take a look at some of the institutions considered top of the pile in Ireland for learning English:

Kaplan International

Located all around the world, the Kaplan International English School is easily one of the best in the game. It boasts of a very high student satisfaction rate with almost 98% of the students agreeing that they would recommend it to anyone seeking to sharpen their English skills.
In Ireland, the school is located in Dublin and offers competitive prices and schedules as well as having a very dynamic student body participating in it. So you can be sure to learn one or two new things about other cultures as well as mastering English all at the same spot!

Totally English

Also considered top of the line in training students in the English language, Totally English is another easy choice to go for in the quest to mastering English. Its faculty is made up of very well experienced personnel who on top of having mastery of the English language, also have a background in business thus can well equip those studying English for business purposes.

The International School of English

Located in Dublin, the international school of English boasts of a history that started back in 97. Over the course of its existence, it has grown to become one of the most sought after English learning institutions due to the quality it provides and the students all agree it is of a great caliber.
It is located near one of the best shopping areas of Dublin as well as some pretty great attractions in the city. Aside from that, it also has great amenities for use by its students and faculty.

The Irish college of English

This school has its beginnings in the early 90s. Over the years it has steadily grown to the point of garnering awards for its great services in teaching English.
It also comes very highly rated by former students, a fact well supported by the awards it has achieved as mentioned earlier.

The ACET/Cork Language Center International

This is a family-run institution that has been in business for the last 40+ years. The fact that it remains functional to this day is a testament to its great services and teaching capabilities as well as the potential to grow even further.

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